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No 700 Wonersh Gold Stater

No 700 Wonersh Gold Stater Image

Wonersh Gold Stater: Sharply struck in scintillating rose gold, this coin has an outstanding cruciform wreath motif and a wonderfully ornamented horse with an exceptionally decorative solar spiral above. Struck from the same dies as VA 1520-5 and BMC 356, this Wonersh stater is somwhat special and is known as the 'Dots Type' because it has lots of tiny dots in between the swirling arms of the spiral. This Dots Type Wonersh is excessively rare, with only five other examples recorded by the CCI, including the one in the British Museum. It was UK Detector Net Find of the Month in October 2008 and was featured in Treasure Hunting, January 2009, page 13. The finder is to be congratulated for unearthing such a beautifully designed gold stater in such astonishingly fine condition.

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