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Hand Struck Hammered Coins Image
Our brand-new range of reproduction coins made by a master who cuts his own dies and strikes the coins just the way they were in the day.

Aged by ourselves and stamped with the word "COPY" they also have a make-believe moneyers name "GRVNAL" to stop deception.

If you want to feel what a hammered coin felt like the day after it was made then buy some of these. They are a superb representation of the real thing.

Made from a lead-free pewter.
Early Periods ie Bronze and Celtic Periods Image

This category contains three sub-sections ie Bronze Age, celtic Coins and Celtic Artefacts.

We have nine Bronze Age Period artefacts and a huge range of Celtic coins. We also have three Celtic artefacts for your consideration.
Roman Coins and Artefacts Image

We currently have over 240 Roman gold, silver and bronze coin reproductions in our shop.

Keep looking in as we are constantly adding to the range.
Middle Periods ie Saxon and Medieval Image
This section contains coins and artefacts ranging from the early Saxon/Viking periods through the early medieval period to 1485.
Later Periods i.e. Tudor, Stuart etc Image
Shown here is a Priests Ring, a symbol of this period. Many coins and artefacts in this section speak volumes about this period of English history.
Period Sets of Coins & Items Image
Very convenient, we choose the coins and make up the set for you but it will contain the advertised coins. Speedy and efficient !