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What metals do you use? All bronze-coloured items are made from lead-free pewter whilst the remainder of the range are made from a low melt metal alloy. We never use precious metals. You can see the full specification of the metals here.

Are your items 'Hand-Made' or 'Hand-Finished'? We use no machinery whatsoever. Every part of our process is done entirely by hand from the making of the mould from the original down to the casting and colouring of the reproduction.

Do you accept Credit Cards? Yes, you will be given the option of paying by credit card on the Paypal check-out.

How do I pay for and order goods from you ? Just select them by "Adding to Cart" whilst browsing the categories and then use the "View Cart" option and after selecting your postage options and choosing your country hit the "Checkout with Paypal" button.

How quickly can my goods be delivered? The Internet is about communication and we pride ourselves in our speedy response to all queries and fast delivery. Once your payment arrives here and has been cleared your order will be sent to the production team who will create by hand your coins and artefacts. If there is to be a delay then you will be informed as soon as possible of the probably deleivery date. Typical postal delivery times are: UK: 3-4 days, Europe: 4 - 10 days, USA: 5 - 10 days. Note: these are just typical typical times, actual times can be shorter or longer depending on circumstances at the time.

Could you reproduce a coin or artefact for me, and what would it cost? In brief, Yes, as long as you own or can borrow that object, and, after we have verified that it is not a commercially produced item. We have two methods of pricing for the reproduction of coins or objects. Please note that we do not have the super skills to reproduce a coin or artefact from a photograph. We also will NOT reproduce anything in the original metal ie we will not make copies of silver or gold coins in the metal that they were originally made in ie silver or gold. This would be unethical in our opinion as the finished item would be too near the the original.

Method A: You have an ancient coin you wish to have reproducing. You contact us and we state that we would like to add that object to our sales list. We ask you to send the object to us, well packaged and insured, and ask that you enclose the cost of our returning the object to you by the same method.

We reproduce the object and return the object to you along with four reproductions. There is no other charge to you. The item is then added to our sales list and will be sold at a price determined by ourselves. The mould remains our property.

Method B: We do not wish to add the object to our list. You therefore pay us to reproduce the item. Prices are difficult to determine but will be negotiated once we have determined the objects size, weight and complexity (Typically a Roman coin would cost about £50 to reproduce along with four copies.) We reproduce the item and produce the requested number of reproductions. The mould is then destroyed.

You stamp all your reproductions with a small letter 'R', or word 'COPY' can this be left off my copies? In brief, No. Our reproductions are very realistic and there are many unscrupulous people about. The 'COPY' is stamped on the coin or artefact to denote the fact that it is a reproduction and, although it is quite small, it will be spotted by a dealer or collector. We would never risk our reputation by omitting to stamp the 'COPY' even if requested to do so. The small letter 'R' is stamped on coins that are too small to accomodate the word 'COPY'.

Can you cope with a large order from me? Yes, we have handled several 100+ GBP orders from the USA & Europe, mainly from stock held at our premises. We can also handle orders of up to 50 pieces of one item usually within several weeks. Please note that due to the fact that all our items are made by hand no large quantity discounts can be given.