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No 667 Kendal Token

No 667 Kendal Token Image

This piece was originally of brass. We have made it in a silver colour.

It is a reproduction of a brass token issued in 1656 in the town of Kendal, Cumbria by Thomas Sandes. We quote...

“For the accommodation of the tradesmen, &c., of Kendal, there are in the town two highly respectable Banks, which were first opened in January, 1788, long before which period several of the manufacturers here had issued brass tokens, to obviate the scarcity of the money of the realm.

There are in the museum specimens of five different coinages of these tokens, issued by Thomas Sandes, in 1656; the Mercers' Company, in 1657; the Shearman's Company, in 1666; by James Cock, jun., in 1667; and one by Oliver Platt, gentleman, then resident at Summer How, near Kendal.”

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