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No 642 Romano/British or Celtic Erotic Figure

No 642 Romano/British or Celtic Erotic Figure Image

PAS Record - LVPL-D9A6B5
Described at the above link as..Cast copper alloy figurine dating to the Roman period, (43-410AD). The figure is full length and standing. The head is circular and flat on top with a rounded face. The eyes are worn and consist of two small depressions and the noise is a raised circular pellet. There is no visible mouth. The figure has an angular chest and short rounded arms. An exaggerated and erect phallus extends outwards. The legs are defined by a central vertical groove and the feet are rounded and uneven. There is a small rounded projection at his chest and at his buttocks also. These may be casting mistakes. The object has been crudely made and a casting seem can be seen down the side. The object has a dark green patina and is in good condition.

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