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No 534 Bradbury Rings Silver Stater

No 534 Bradbury Rings Silver Stater Image

This large Celtic silver coin measures 19 mm in diameter. It was minted by the Durotriges tribe circa 45-40 BC. They were a Wessex tribe based on Dorset.

The coin shows a Durotrian wreath pattern with upward-facing leaves with a dot above the upper crescent and two dots on line below the lower crescent.

The reverse shows a disjointed horse facing left with ‘safety pin’ head, 12 blobs above, a blob below and a small crescent to the left of the coffee bean. There are dots between the three downward sloping tail-lines as well as an arc of ringed-pellets around and a zig-zag in the exergue.

This type is named after one of its early find-spots, Badbury Rings, near Blandford, Dorset and the characteristic rings which appear near the edge of the flan above the horse.

This is a beautiful example of a scare Celtic silver coin. It is in extremely fine condition

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