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No 451 "Dumnoc Tigir Seno" Gold Stater

No 451 "Dumnoc Tigir Seno" Gold Stater Image

It was a great pleasure to copy this gold stater, one of the rarest of Iron Age coins. This was copied from one of only a dozen known specimens and half of them are in museums.

The obverse shows a cruciform design comprising DVM(N) between two lines, crossed by a wreath motif of large brick-like leaves facing inwards; in opposite angles are a pair of beaded rings and wheels with three curved spokes.

The reverse shows a lunate Celtic horse left with open head and long thin ears, pellet triad in front. TIGIR S(E)NO around.

This beautiful stater was minted by the Corieltauvi tribe who ranged the area between the rivers Trent and Nene. It was probably minted between the years 10-30 AD by Dumnocoveros but there is still a great deal of uncertainty about this issue.

It is VA 972, BMC3325-27, Mossop 228. CCI 99.1322.

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