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No 424 Anglo-Saxon Gold Tremissis

No 424 Anglo-Saxon Gold Tremissis Image

This is the fifth Anglo-Saxon gold coin we have copied and all are a pleasure to work with. This coin was no exception, it being so valuable that the owner delivered it in person all the way from Gloucestershire. It was valued at £4500.

It is of a type known as the Wuneeton group of which now six specimens are known. The type is thought to be derived from the Witmen type thrymsa and are mainly found, and presumably minted around London and Kent.

The coin dates to circa 650 AD. This example is the only known thrymsa from Gloucestershire and is of a unique sub-type. Gareth Williams of the British Museum stated that ‘the pellets in the angle of the cross on the reverse represent a sub-type which to the best of my knowledge is otherwise unknown’

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