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No 409 Coenwulf Penny

No 409 Coenwulf Penny Image

Coenwulf Penny. The coin of Coenwult (796-821) is North type 343, or Cn3 in Corpus of Christopher Blunt, Stewart Lyon and Ian Stewart in the British Numismatic Journal for 1963. The obverse (complete with the backwards N) looks like it comes from the same die as the coin illustrated by Blunt Lyon and Stewart (now in the Fitzwilliam collection, also illustrated in North’s English Hammered Coinage I, plate 4, no.33), though the reverse is slightly different.

The moneyer (Diola) is from London, and another very similar obverse die (including the CENVVLF spelling with the backwards N) is found on a coin of Pendwine of London (published at Coin Register 1997:115).

The obverse type is fairly rare, and probably dates from the very beginning of Coenwulf’s reign (the dates of production can probably be narrowed from the 796-805 bracket for the tribrach type to the years immediately after 796.

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