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No 339 Cunobelin "BIGA" Gold Stater

No 339 Cunobelin "BIGA" Gold Stater Image

It was minted between cAD10-43 by the Catuvellauni and Trinovantes tribes which were politically united by Cunobelin. The coin has a CAMVL monogram in a rectangular box on a wreath motif with a heart-shaped hidden face in the angle.

The other side of this coin shows two horses galloping left, heads turned towards us, large leaf above, two-spoked wheel with four pellets below, traces of CVNOBELIN.

It is Van Arsdell 1910-2, BM 1771, CCI 98.0504. It has an irregular flan but is otherwise a Good VF coin. It is extremely rare with no pellet below the leaf hence the price of the original.

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