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No 336 Gold Quarter Stater

No 336 Gold Quarter Stater Image

This is a splendid copy of a new type of gold quarter stater, unrecorded and unpublished.

It is dated to c50-30BC. One side is plain except for breast-like bulge with ringed pellet in centre.

The other side shows a well-engraved horse facing right with beaded mane and triangular object on shoulder, 'cog wheel' solar symbol and ringed pellet above, unidentified ornament partially visible below.

CCI 97.1659. Near EF. Chris Rudd stated "It appears to be a North Thames type, probably issued by the Catuvellauni or Trinovantes.... the female breast is a symbol of motherhood, comfort, security and plenty, associated with fertility and with milk, our first nourishment."

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