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No 334 "Chieveley Chicken" Silver Stater

No 334 "Chieveley Chicken" Silver Stater Image

This is a copy of the best known specimen of this type of silver stater and is classed as excessively rare, only two other types being recorded in the Celtic Coin Index (CCI).
The coin is dated to c50BC, and is 14mm in size. It shows a beardless head facing left, with staring ringed-pellet eye, two pin mouth, coxcomb hair composed of four curved locks of beaded lines in triple bands and wearing beaded neck torc, cock’s head and reversed-S in front, serrated ‘sunburst’, pellets and reversed-S below.

The reverse shows a lanky horse facing right with beaded roll-up mane and three beaded tails, cock’s head above and below, curved line and beaded ring in front, hook-shape under tails.

It is BNJ 1990, no 132, CCI 97.0994. It is in Near EF condition.

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