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No 272 Toy Petronel

No 272 Toy Petronel Image

Small cast lead/tin alloy, copper-alloy, or forged iron toy guns have been current since the early 17th century and imitate handguns and cannons. Invariably and erroneously described as a 'petronel', one type of toy handgun which originated around the beginning of the Stuart period, is somewhat similar in appearance to the true petronel pistol used by 16th and 17th century cavalrymen.

Toy handguns also represent other pistols i.e. the wheelock. Whatever the type, invariably they are extremely crude, with an overall length of about 75 mm -100 mm. Frequently barrels are bored and a touch-hole usually exists. Some have an integral trigger, which therefore is non-functional and a trigger guard. Although probably it was never the intention, for it was extremely hazardous, these toy pistols could be primed with gunpowder, loaded and then fired. There is a school of thought that they were produced as gunmakers' samples, however, this is speculation.

Our example is 2.75 inches long (23 mm), is coloured bronze

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