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No 57 C18th Medal of Ann Claypole

No 57 C18th Medal of Ann Claypole Image

Beautiful medallion, the original of which was made of silver, stating "Ann Claypole, daughter of Olivar Cromwell"

According to the article below Cromwell did not have a daughter named Ann so it may be that the image is that of Elizabeth.

This article may give further information

This site states...

A third medal of Mrs. Claypole was engraved
by an English medallist, James Kirk, about the year 1775. It was struck in silver and copper, and is not rare. It is circular; size, 1'35 inches in diameter ; and bears, obverse, bust of Mrs. Claypole to the right, exactly copied from
Simon's medal (No. I). The words kirk PEC. are in small letters at the sides of the bust. Reverse, a wreath formed of two laurel-branches tied together encloses the following inscription, ann cleypole daughter of Oliver cromwell.
The Christian name, of course, ought to be Elizabeth.

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