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No 157 Aethelred I Sceat

No 157 Aethelred I Sceat Image

In the north of england during the eigth century a series of silver sceats were struckwith the Kings name on the obverse and a fantastic animal on the reverse (see our numbers 78 & 143)

Towards the end of the eigth century the coinage degenerated to one of base silver and finally to copper or brass; from the second reign of Aethelred I (as in our coin here) the design became standardised with the King's name retained on the obverse but with the moneyers name on the reverse and in the centre of both sides a cross, pellet or rosette, etc. A parallel series of coins was struck by the Archbishops of York.,

Our coin here is of that second reign of Aethelred I (789 - 796 AD) and shows on the reverse a rosette and cross along with the moneyers name ie Ceobald.

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