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No 172 Four Drachm Piece of Syracuse

No 172 Four Drachm Piece of Syracuse Image

This is a copy of a 4 Drachm piece of Syracuse which ws struck from the dies of 634 in Erich Boehringers Standard Study. The coin dates from 439 B.C. The obverse shows Nike, the goddess of Victory in Greek mythology, with an angel flying above horse’s head (which we cannot make out).

Syracuse is an industrial port in East Sicily which was founded in 734 B.C. and became the centre of Grek culture. It was taken by Rome in 212 B.C.

Four Drachm Piece. Syracuse 4 drachm coin of Syracuse. It is struck from the same two dies as 634 in Erich Boehringer’s standard study of this mint – which meant that it had to be eigther genuine or a modern/ancient forged cast from a genuine worn coin. It bears no sign of the casting process and clear indications of striking – e.g. in the cracks round the rim.

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