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No 794 King Alfred Two Emperors Penny

No 794 King Alfred Two Emperors Penny Image

Alfred was initially recognised as king of Mercia as well as Wessex after the deposition of Burgred in 873/4, and was even called REX ANG(lorum) on one of two known examples of the two emperors portrait penny type. The other specimen of this fascinating type is in the name of Ceolwulf II, the new Mercian king installed by the Vikings.

This is a copy of that Two Emperors type coin. Thirteen of these coins were found in the Watlington hoard found by metal detectorist Jim Mather. The coins show an emperor’s head on one side and two emperors seated side by side on the other. They were jointly issued by King Alfred the Great of Wessex and King Ceolwulf II of Mercia when they were allies despite the traditional rivalry of their kingdoms.

The obverse of this coin reads: AELFRED REX ANGLO
The reverse shows two emperors seated side by side with the words GRV MONETA on three side.

Made from a modern die cut by a master craftsman to represent this type and hand struck from pewter. The die maker has used the name Grunal as the moneyer on the coin.

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