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No 690 Pedro the Cruel Gold Dobla

No 690 Pedro the Cruel Gold Dobla Image

dobla from the reign of Pedro the Cruel from Castile. Two metal detectorists at a Shropshire metal detector rally really did strike gold when they unearthed a clutch of these 600-year-old Spanish coins.
They found five solid gold “doblas” which date from Castile in the 1350s, during the reign of King Pedro the Cruel, and are believed to be the first of their kind ever discovered in the UK.
The coins were found at a secret location in Myddle on September 4 last year, by the pair and we were asked to copy one of them.
Experts at the British Museum said the money, which was probably dropped by a soldier, was a rare find. It was officially declared treasure by mid and north Shropshire coroner John Ellery.

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