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No 129 Cheriton "Smiler" Gold Stater

No 129 Cheriton "Smiler" Gold Stater Image

Durotriges Gold Stater. VF+ condition.

Obverse: Durotrigan wreath motif with large 'turfcutter' spike in form of wide grin, two crescents above as 'eyes'.

Reverse: Celticised horse left, with corded mane and 'crab' below. Dots between horses legs may be privvy marks indicating a change in metal content (this type contains a high percentage of tin, possibly derived from melted-down cast coins of Cantii) Minted c.57-55 BC before Caesar's first British expedition. One of the finest known specimens of this rare type. Vam Arsdell 1215-1 variant.

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