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No 637 Roman Denarius of Julia Titi

No 637 Roman Denarius of Julia Titi Image

This coin used the same die as our No 631 the aureus of Julia Titi. It is a thick copy as it was made from two plaster cast copies joined together.

Julia Titi was the daughter of Titus and Marcia Furmilla. Her uncle Domitian fell in love with her and she lived with him as his wife.

This denarius shows a draped bust facing right on the obverse with the legend ‘IVLIA AVGVSTA’

The reverse shows a peacock standing facing front with its tail in splendour. It bears the legend ‘DIVI TITI FILIA’

This is a consecration coin issued under her uncle and lover, Domitian, shortly after her death, which is now thought to be AD 89.

Note: This reproduction has a thicker flan than the original coin.

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