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No 683 - Amorican Iron Age Gold Stater

No 683 - Amorican Iron Age Gold Stater Image

Continental Iron Age gold stater of the Armorican (Baiocasses) series (c. 100-50 BC). Diameter: 16.2mm; weight: 3.81g. The type has variously been attributed to the Baiocasses and the Unelli (peoples of the Basse-Normandie region of NW France and the Channel Islands). See de Jersey 1994, 108-13, fig. 57, ref. g.

This has been noted as an interesting find by the recorder.

Obverse description: Head facing right, with hair represented by three large stylised locks. Above the head there is an inverted lyre with four chords; there are symmetrically arranged beaded cordons on each side of the head and lyre. The nose and lips are particularly prominent

Reverse description: Horse to right driven by a charioteer with his right hand aloft, holding a motif, usually interpreted as a key; in the left hand he holds the reigns. There is a vexillum in front of the horse and another behind the charioteer apparently connected to his shoulder or the back of his neck. Beneath the horse is a lyre on its side, with four chords to the right. Two motifs below the lyre may be degraded lettering relating to Phillipus

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