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No 635 Roman Gold Solidus of Constantine II

No 635 Roman Gold Solidus of Constantine II Image

This has got to be one of the nicest coins we have ever produced. Constantius II was the second son of Constantine I and Fausta.. He was emperor from 337 - 361 AD.

This coin, a solidus made from gold, has on the obverse side the legend FL IVL CONSTANTIVS PERP AVG and shows a helmeted and cuirassed bust facing forward holding a spear and a shield.

The reverse reads GLORIA REIPVBLICAE and shows Roma and Constantinopolis seated, holding a shield inscribed VOT XXX MVLT XXXX, in exergue it has the letters KONS.

There is some conflicting views about this mint town. We have been informed that this coin was minted in Arles.

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