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No 662 Roman Sestertius of Domitia

No 662 Roman Sestertius of Domitia Image

Another rare coin. This is a sestertius of Domitia, it is Sear 2908 (2000 edition, Vol 1)

The obverse shows a draped bust of Domitia facing right. It has the legend DOMITIAE AVG IMP CAES DIVI F DOMITIAN AVG

The reverse legend reads DIVI CAESAR MATRI SC and shows Domitia as Pietas enthroned left holding a sceptre and extending her right hand towards a child standing at her feet its right hand raised.

It is said that the child at her feet is her deceased son.

The original of this coin would cost in VF condition a whacking £15,000.

Note: This reproduction has a thicker flan than the original coin.

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