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No 646 Roman Gold Solidus of Severus III

No 646 Roman Gold Solidus of Severus III Image

A thicker flan and no photograph at the moment as coins in gold platers.

Severus III ruled from 461-465 AD. It was an insignificant reign and was described as a mere ‘puppet–emperor’.

This coin shows, on the obverse which is rather worn, the emperor diademed, draped and cuirassed bust facing right with the legend DN LIBIVS SEVERVS PF AVG.

The reverse shows Severus standing facing right with his foot on a serpent, holding a long cross and Victory. In the field of the coin are the letters RM. The reverse legend is VICTORIA AVGGG.

The original of this coin is valued at over £2500.

Note: This reproduction has a thicker flan than the original coin.

Your Price:£3.85
Weight:10.70 g