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No 665 Roman Antoninianus of Quietus

No 665 Roman Antoninianus of Quietus Image

Quietus was Roman emperor frm AD 260 until AD 261.
He was the second son of Macrianus the Elder, one of Valerian's top generals. He and his brother Macrianus were made emperor after his father and another General had inflicted revenge on the Persians for their trick in capturing Valerian and routing the Roman army. Quietus ruled in the East until the rightful Roman emperor, Gallienus, had a local king of Palmyra sent to capture him. Quietus fled to the city of Emesa in Syria. The citizens of Emesa murdered Quietus and surrendered to the Roman troops under Odenathus in A. D. 261 after a short siege.

This coin an antoninianus showing Equity on the reverse with the legend AEQUITAS AVGG. It is Sear 3096.

Note: This reproduction has a thicker flan than the original coin.

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