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No 537 Caracalla Silver Denarius

No 537 Caracalla Silver Denarius Image

Marcus Aurelius Antoninus, originally named Bassianus was the elder son of Severus and Julia Domna. In 196 he was given the rank of Caesar and in 198 he was created Augustus, although only ten years old.

On the death of Severus in 211, Caracalla reigned jointly with his brother Geta, as Severus had arranged. In 212, however, Geta was assassinated by the orders of Caracalla who also caused many prominent and distinguished Romans to be put to death, so as to consolidate his position as sole ruler.

His reign was marked by extravagance and cruelty and in his wars he achieved more by treachery than by force of arms. He was finally murdered on April 8th 217 whilst he was travelling between Edessa and Carrhae.

The name ‘Caracalla’ by which this emperor was commonly known, was a nick-name derived from a long tunic of Gallic origin which he adopted as his favourite dress.

Our coin shows the emperor facing right with the legend IMP ANTONINVS PIVS AVG.

The reverse shows the emperor holding a club standing near an altar. It has the legend PM TR P IIII COS III P P.

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