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No 659 Roman Denarius of Trajan

No 659 Roman Denarius of Trajan Image

This coin came with the following description… An absolutely stunning coin. Fabulous high grade silver. This coin is bordering on ef/unc. It is one of the best Trajan Denarius I have seen. Trajan Denarius “Abundantia AD 98-117” The State is blessed with rich fields of grain. Obverse reads IMP CAES NERVA TRAIAN AVG GERM. And shows Laureate head facing right.

The Reverse reads PONT MAX TR POT COS 11 and shows Adundantia seated left, holding sceptre, in a chair made from cornucopia. Rome mint. AD 98-99. RIC II, II, page 245—Cohen 301, 3.05 grams.

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Weight:3.40 g