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No 638 Roman Dupondius of Nero

No 638 Roman Dupondius of Nero Image

This is a reproduction of a brass dupondius. The original would be worth £1000 in EF condition.

The obverse reads NERO ET DRVSVS CAESARES and shows Nero and Drusus Caesars on horseback galloping right. The reverse reads C CAESAR DIVI AVG PRON AVG PM TR IIII PP around a large SC.

This coin has also been made from two plaster casts, one of the obverse, the other the reverse, joined together and is therefore thicker than an average dupondius. It also has a crack to the bottom left of the letters SC.

Nevertheless it is a copy of a coin we are hardly likely to be able to obtain again.

Note: This reproduction has a thicker flan than the original coin.

Your Price:£4.19
Weight:21.00 g