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No 276 Dupondius of Trajan

No 276 Dupondius of Trajan Image

Trajan Dupondius minted in Rome and dated to 103— 111 AD. It was made of Orichalcum (alloy of copper and zinc)

The obverse shows Radiate bust facing right with slight drapery on far shoulder. The obverse legend reads IMP CAES.NERVAE.TRAIANO.AVG.GER.DAC.P.M.TR.P.COS.V.P.P.

The reverse shows Spes standing left with flower & lifting skirt. The reverse legend reads S P Q R OPTIMO PRINCIPI, S C in field.

The coin measures 26.5 mm and is RIC 520, RCV 3222 (2002 edition)

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